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When it comes to heating and cooling your home, the methods being used are constantly evolving. One of the driving forces behind the evolution of contemporary air conditioning units is efficiency. People want to cool their homes, but they also want to reduce the impact to their energy bills.

Homeowners do not mind investing in an quality air conditioning system, so long as the system pays for itself over time by reduced breakdown costs & saving money on energy bills.

The idea of a split system air conditioner is actually a very basic one that comes from the general concepts that air conditioning technology is based on.

But because of its ability to be extremely flexible in where it is installed as well as being very energy efficient, split systems are becoming more popular and there have been several innovative enhancements to the technology over the years.

What Is A Split-System Air Conditioner?

In any air conditioning device, the purpose is to remove heat and distribute cooled air. A window air conditioner, for example, vents the heat it collects out through the window and then pushes cooled air into the room. A split-system air conditioner works in much the same way, but on a larger scale.

With a split-system air conditioner, the compressor sits outside the home in a box that rejects the heat during cooling & absorbs heat on heating. The interior portion of the system distributes the cool air on cooling & warm air on heating.

Initially, a split-system air conditioner was expensive and difficult to install into a home. But as the technology evolved, the split-system air conditioner has become one of the preferred ways for Australians to cool their homes.

Why Are Split-System Air Conditioners So Popular?

Split-system air conditioners are able to do what a window air conditioner can do, but on a much larger scale and have increased flexibility where it can be installed. The heating and cooling coils are larger, which enables the machine to create more cold air and with modern day technology do this without utilising more energy.

Since the compressor is installed outside the home, a split-system air conditioner is extremely quiet. The only sound it makes inside the home is the sound of the fan circulating the conditioned air.

How Do I Know What Kind Of Split-System Unit Is Right For My Home?

The technology behind a split-system air conditioner is still evolving and ever-changing. That is why it is critically important that you have your split-system specified & installed by a professional dealer. A dealer can examine your home and determine what size split-system air conditioner you need and make sure that your heating & cooling equipment matches the requirements of your home.

Some of the factors that determine what kind of split-system air conditioner fits in your home includes:

  • The aspect of the room;
  • The size of the room;
  • Running costs.

If you are using other methods of heating or cooling your home, or have an outdated air conditioning system like the old ‘RAC’ window air conditioner and update to a modern day split system, your energy bill will soon tell you that the split-system air conditioner was well worth the investment.