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Australians use a variety of methods to keep warm during those colder months, but very few people use a relatively popular and affordable option known as ‘reverse cycle air conditioners’. When compared to something like an electric space heater, a reverse cycle air conditioner is:

  • Safer,
  • More energy efficient,
  • More consistent,
  • Quieter.

There is a good chance that your current air conditioning system has a reverse cycle setting on it. But if it does not, then you can still save a lot of money by having a reverse cycle air conditioner installed to cool your house during the hot months, and then warm your house in the cooler months.

How Does A Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner Work?

The purpose of an air conditioner is to move warm air from one spot to another. The name “air conditioner” comes from the idea that the unit conditions the air to be either all warm or all cool. The best way to understand how a reverse cycle air conditioner works is to think about how a standard window air conditioner operates.

While the window air conditioner is cooling the air in your home, it is pushing hot air out of the back of the unit. A reverse cycle air conditioner uses this process to heat and cool your home, but in a slightly more complicated way.

When the weather outside is hot, the air conditioner removes the hot air by exhausting it into the warm air outside. When the weather is cold, the process is reversed and the unit moves any warm air that is outside into the house. With this process, you only need one device to cool and heat your home.

The Entire Process Is Cost-Efficient

When you put a space heater in your home to heat a room, there are several problems that you face.

  • Most space heater designs are dangerous both in the way they generate heat, and in the way their shell heats up and becomes a hazard.
  • If any dust gets into your space heater, it could cause a fire,
  • Space heaters require a significant amount of energy to turn cold air into warm air,
  • Space heaters only heat the immediate area where they are located.

Because reverse cycle air conditioners utilize the existing heat or cold from outside, they operate extremely efficiently, they heat the entire house and they are very safe to run. Even a large electrical heating system would be much more expensive to run than a reverse cycle air conditioner.

The Latest In Heating And Cooling Technology

A reverse cycle air conditioner utilizes the basic principles of heating and cooling to deliver a cost-efficient solution that affects your entire home. A compressor will affect the system’s refrigerant before it gets to the condenser that creates cold or heat while the system removes cold air from the room. This reversing of the process quietly and effectively pulls any warm air in from the outside, even in 10 degree temperatures or below, and replaces the cold air in the room with the warm air.

Because this process is so quiet, energy-efficient and effective at heating an entire home, it is becoming one of the more in-demand heating and cooling systems in the country. While the idea behind the technology is as old as air conditioning itself, the idea of offering reverse cycle air conditioning to residential home owners is relatively new. Despite how new it is, the idea is catching on quickly.

If you want to save money not only on your heating and cooling equipment but also your operating costs each year, then you need to look into a reverse cycle air conditioning system. You can get rid of all of those expensive space heaters and enjoy the feeling of warmth in every room that this kind of technology can bring.