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Rinnai Australia

For more than half a century, Rinnai has been a household name in Australia, offering comfort and reliability across hot water, heating, and air conditioning solutions. Operating in 20 countries, Rinnai brings global expertise tailored to the Australian lifestyle, with a suite of brands, including Rinnai, Brivis, APAC, Polo and iZone.

Rinnai‘s commitment to sustainability is evident in its diverse range of products, designed to not only provide superior comfort but also to minimise environmental impact. Let’s explore some of the notable offerings that make Rinnai a leader in energy efficiency.


Rinnai Enviroflo Heat Pump Hot Water

1. Enviroflo Heat Pump Hot Water: The Rinnai Enviroflo range of Electric Integrated Heat Pump hot water systems is a testament to energy efficiency. These systems, designed and manufactured in Australia, boast up to 70% less energy consumption compared to standard electric storage tanks. The innovative controller ensures hot water availability while a single element boost feature caters to high demand applications. With robust construction to withstand tough Australian conditions, these tanks are not only efficient but also environmentally friendly.


Rinnai Split System Air Conditioner

2. Split System Inverter Heat Pump Air Conditioning: Creating comfortable and eco-friendly homes, the Rinnai T Series Reverse Cycle Split System is an ideal solution for larger bedrooms and medium-sized living areas. With leading technologies including Wi-Fi and Voice control compatibility, airflow distances of up to 15 metres, and up to 9-star efficiency, this system offers rapid cooling and heating and economical comfort. The R32 refrigerant , a sleek matte design, high-density air filter, and self-cleaning cycle make it an aesthetically pleasing and low-maintenance choice for energy-conscious consumers.



Rinnai Ducted Reverse Cycle Inverter Air Conditioning

3. Ducted Reverse Cycle Inverter Heat Pump Air Conditioning (R32): For a discreet yet powerful home heating and cooling solution, Rinnai’s Ducted Inverter Air Conditioning system is a top choice. Concealed in the roof cavity, the efficient indoor fans and DC compressor operate quietly, offering outstanding energy efficiency. With the option to zone specific areas and integration with popular smart home platforms such as the Rinnai Home controller, this system provides personalised comfort while minimizing energy consumption.


Rinnai Geoflo Hybrid 22 Geothermal Air Conditioning

4. Geoflo Hybrid 22 Geothermal Heat Pump Air Conditioning: Rinnai‘s Geoflo Hybrid ²² Geothermal system takes a giant leap in environmentally responsible climate control. Harnessing renewable energy from the ground, this system efficiently meets the heating and cooling needs of your home. The surplus energy is even diverted to generate hot water. This innovative technology exemplifies Rinnai‘s commitment to sustainability and reducing reliance on conventional energy sources.


In a world where energy efficiency and sustainability are paramount, Rinnai stands out as a frontrunner, offering cutting-edge solutions to electrify homes while minimising the carbon footprint. With products designed to integrate seamlessly into modern living, Rinnai continues to lead the way in creating comfortable, energy-efficient, and eco-conscious homes for Australians.