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Spring is in the air, and that means it is time to clean! The winter weather can leave behind all kinds of debris, and the relative inactivity outdoors during the winter means that you did not have a lot of chance to get out there and keep your property the way you want it to. Spring cleaning means:

  • Cleaning the gutters
  • Cleaning the interior of the house
  • Cleaning up the landscaping
  • Fine-tuning the air conditioning unit


We all know that spring leads directly to summer, and there is not a lot of spring weather to enjoy before summer settles in. As you get ready for the summer, there are some spring cleaning activities you need to take care of when it comes to your air conditioning.

Clean Or Change Your Filters

Some air conditioning systems have filters that need to be cleaned, others have filters that need to be changed. Then there are those systems which are a combination of the two. You probably did not run your air conditioning much during the winter, but you still have build-up on your filters. As part of your spring cleaning, you need to clean or replace your filters and be prepared to keep up the work on your filters at least once every two months when spring starts to heat up.

Clear Away Debris

During the fall and winter, the intake and exhaust vents on your air conditioning system will accumulate debris such as trash, leaves and sticks. When you are spring cleaning your system, you need to remove all of that debris and allow your system to have the airflow it needs to be efficient.

Remember that your air conditioning system has to work harder when its vents are clogged. This means that you will be using more energy, and you could be shortening the life of your air conditioning system. Removing debris from vents is an easy job, but it is also a critical part of your spring cleaning tasks.

Bring In The Pros

There are plenty of spring cleaning tasks you can perform on your air conditioning system that will get you great results, but to really make sure everything is working right you need to bring in the pros. A professional maintenance and repair organization will perform important tasks such as:

  • Check the pressure and levels in your refrigerant
  • Flush all of the drains and clear your hoses
  • Do a full diagnostic on your electrical system and make repair or replacement suggestions
  • Do a comprehensive investigation of your duct work to look for leaks or other issues
  • Clean the outdoor coil that could also be in need of repair


A professional technician will do a comprehensive investigation of your entire system and indicate where you need routine maintenance work done, where repairs would be in order and when it is time to consider replacing your unit. If you rely on professionals every spring to look over your system, then you can better plan on replacing your unit instead of having the unit surprise you by breaking down in the middle of summer.

A professional technician will also make the little adjustments that will keep your system energy efficient. It is easy to take the energy efficiency of your air conditioning for granted, until you see the huge difference an efficient system makes in your monthly energy bills. The money you invest in a spring cleaning inspection by a professional organization will be paid back to you several times over in lower repair and replacement costs, as well as lowered operational costs in your monthly energy bills.

Spring is a time when we open our windows to let in the fresh air, and then get the air conditioning system ready for the punishing summer weather. There are plenty of spring cleaning maintenance activities you can do to help clean up your air conditioning and make it more efficient, but a comprehensive spring cleaning plan involves bringing in a professional technician to make sure that your air conditioning is truly ready to go.