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As you prepare to install a ducted air conditioner system into your home, there are several considerations you must make. The more important factors in your final decision include:

  • Your budget;
  • Your home layout;
  • Your long-term cooling needs.

Find the Right Cooling Capacity

The cooling capacity of your ducted air conditioning system determines how large of a system you will need to cool your home. They generally range anywhere from 10 kwh to 27 kwh and can be built to distribute air to several different rooms.

Some of the considerations that are used to determine the cooling capacity of your system include:

  • The combined size of the rooms you will be cooling;
  • Whether or not portions of your house are shaded to help keep temperatures down;
  • The peak temperatures your area gets during the warmest times of the year.

If you work with a ducted air professional, you will be able to use the information regarding your home and your area to get the right cooling capacity.

Remember that a cooling capacity that is too small will overload your cooling system and cause a lot of problems.

Ask About Noise Levels

Since your ducted air conditioner will be running all year round (most ducted air conditioning systems can heat as well as cool), it is important to get one that keeps noise at a minimum. As you discuss different options with a sales professional, look for ducted air conditioning models that put a premium on keeping down the noise levels.

Look For Compliance With MEPS Guidelines

In Australia, there are a set of Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) that manufacturers can use to help keep the cost of running ducted air conditioning systems down. When you shop for your next ducted air conditioning system, be sure that you find one that is MEPS compliant and offers the very best in energy efficiency.

Insist On Professional Installation

As we discussed earlier, ducted air conditioning systems are capable of being installed into a wide variety of home designs and layouts. But along with great versatility comes the possibility that an incorrect installation could do more harm than good.

In order to get the maximum cooling effect and energy efficiency from your new ducted air conditioning system, you need to have it installed by an experienced professional.

As you shop for your next air conditioner, be sure to get details about how it will be installed and the professionals who will be doing the work.

You want only certified and experienced professionals installing your new ducted air conditioning system to make sure that you get the very most out of it.

Find Out Maintenance Requirements

Every ducted air conditioning system should be maintained at least once a year by a professional technician in order to keep it running efficiently.

But your new ducted air conditioning system should also have ways that you can perform maintenance of your own and keep the system running smoothly all year round.

Before you invest in a ducted air conditioning system, always find out what type of regular maintenance is involved to keep it running.

For example, try to buy a system that allows you to change the filters without having to bring in a professional every few months to take care of the filters.

A good ducted air conditioning system can keep your home comfortable for many years.

Before making your final buying decision, you should go through the process of determining which kind of ducted air conditioning system is perfect for your home.