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No leaking gas or carbon monoxide worries, reduced energy bills, high-efficiency heating, a reverse cycle air conditioner is the ideal way to heat your home, safely and efficiently.

Reverse cycle air conditioners, also known as Heat Pumps, are one of the most efficient ways to heat your home. Unlike electric heaters that produce 1 kilowatt of heating for 1 kilowatt of electricity, a reverse cycle air conditioner can produce more than 3 kilowatts of heating for just 1 kilowatt of electricity.

Whilst gas has been a very popular heating method in the past, with the rising cost of gas and increasing efficiency of air conditioners (by using technology like inverters), many people are turning to air conditioning for heating their homes. By doing so, it is likely they are saving hundreds of dollars off their energy costs.

Electric heaters are the most common form of home heating, they are a cheap initial outlay and effective. The problem with electric heating is that it is very inefficient. You could pay upwards of ten times your energy costs using electric heaters over reverse cycle air conditioning.

Safety is something every home should consider when it comes to heating, unfortunately, both electricity and gas have significant concerns that need to be addressed, gas is a combustional substance and can lead to carbon dioxide risks, electric heaters are a common cause of household fires during Winter.

Year-round, whole-home comfort, simplified. 

Throw away the heaters and fans, no need for one appliance to heat during Winter and another to cool in Summer, reverse cycle air conditioning is the best of both worlds. With a flick of a switch, you can have whole-home heating and cooling, quiet, safe, and efficient.

Free heating, harnessing the energy provided by Mother Nature.

Heat is all around us, right down to absolute zero, which is minus −273.15 °C. Heat pumps harness this ‘free’ heat and redirect it into your home. Almost like magic, heating becomes very efficient and effective.